Virtual sightseeing

Currently, Berenike is located in the restricted area, which is why it cannot be visited by people not involved in the archaeological excavations. The aim of this webpage is to overcome this barrier and provide the opportunity to visit Berenike to all those who have so far been unable to do so. This goal is achieved by creating a virtual tour around Berenike using the publicly available Google Street View environment integrated with Google Maps. We provide you with spherical images and photo tours.

How to go to Street View:

1. The little yellow human figure in the bottom right corner of the map below has to be dropped on a selected blue circle.
2. This opens a 360° panorama of the selected part of the site.
3. Tap on a picture and move the cursor to turn around in the chosen direction.


You can also visit Berenike using Google Maps (,35.4734346,16z?entry=ttu):

1. Choose the satellite map mode in the bottom left corner of the webpage.
2. Then tap “Street View” at the top to show the blue lines and blue circles showing the extent of Street View coverage.
3. Tap on any blue line/circle to enter the Street View mode.


If you'd like us to expand the virtual tour of Berenike, please inform us via email ( Just let us know what you'd like to see, and we'll do our best to capture a series of photos during the upcoming excavation season.

To view three-dimensional models of selected parts of the site, go to Virtual Berenike.